Sunday, December 02, 2018

{Make A Wish Trip: Travel to FL & Arrival at Give Kids the World}

Today we headed to sunny Florida!  We traded in our jackets and rainbows for short sleeves and t-shirts!  It is GLORIOUS!  It was nearly 85 when we finally arrived at the Orlando airport Sunday evening...even the very helpful volunteer from Give Kids the World, Eric, told us it was a bit warm for him for December.  The kids got the super star treatment leaving Columbia and were ushered in on the plane first with plenty of time to meet the pilot and captain and get photos and wings!  What a kind crew we had with Delta!

We arrived to the Give Kids the World Village {GKTW for short} where all Make a Wish families stay late at night and were promptly escorted to our villa where the kids were greeted with toys and we quickly ordered gluten free pizza to be delivered ASAP as I had 4 hangry kiddos on my hands!

A long but fun day of travel and getting settled into our home for the next week...

I'm sure I'll say it over and over again but this is truly the most humbling and yet amazing gift to our family.  I remember years ago when I was expecting Annabelle how I just tried so hard to find something happy to look forward to with her...since so much of what I was being told was medical and surgery related.  I remember someone telling me about Make A Wish and my choosing to focus on sweet memories made in the future when she would be able to go...I never imagined that we would have another child that would be diagnosed with a lifelong, terminal diagnosis.  In the day to day, we really don't focus on it and have made the decision not to let any of her medical needs define her life.  But, it's always just beneath the surface and having this time a trip like beyond anything we could ever do ourselves.  So humbled...and so blessed.

 Hanging out waiting to leave CAE! 

This little bright eyed baby girl is the easiest traveler ever!  

We made it to Florida...and quickly found the Ice Cream Palace at GKTW that is open more hours than we are awake for unlimited ice cream anytime you want it! They even had nondairy and gluten free options!!! 

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