Friday, December 07, 2018

{Make A Wish Trip: Hollywood Studios}

We saved what we knew would be some of the BEST memories for the last day!  Hollywood Studios has so much for the kids and has an awesome laser light show that was specifically done for Christmas that we knew we wanted to end our trip with!  We saw Epcot's on Monday, Magic Kingdom on Wednesday & now THIS on Friday!  With two super fun evening parties at GKTW in-between!  The boys found every high intensity ride and the girls found every sing along!  I honestly was so beyond pleased with the kids this week.  They have all been so patient with one another...the boys sitting through more princess meet and greets than I know they'd like and the girls waiting out some roller coaster rides while the boys got some wind in their faces!  Scott and I couldn't be more proud of them and how everyone has really worked together to make this week so remarkable.  Here's Friday in photos!

These were taken during the Frozen Sing Along...which may have been my favorite thing we did all week.  It was really entertaining and AG was in Elsa heaven! 

Bear really wanted to see Indiana Jones {it's just what you do there, right?!!} and as usual, we were escorted front and center! 

I was given a tip to tag our stroller as a wheelchair since AG has a handicap so we did that the moment we got to Animal Kingdom on Monday and were able to take our big ole' double BOB stroller through every single line without having to park it anywhere.  It made life so much easier! We got lots of looks as to how we managed to have a stroller inside but I'd gladly trade my daughter having low tone and painful leg cramps after 100 feet of walking for that handicapped tag anyday! It's not easy for her but being allowed to tag her stroller to make getting around easier on her was such a blessing.  As you can see, they LOVED it too!  Here we were headed into the Toy Story arcade ride for about the 3rd time without having to wait!  

AJ did have to get out and stretch her legs some...busy body! The bond these two have is so special. 

Light up Mickey and Cinderella's carriage bubble machines???  Of course!!!

Back at another coaster for the boys and the girls definitely got in a little nap to gear up for the night's grand finale! 

For dinner, we had our third Character dining at Hollywood & Vine! 

AG was so excited to see Doc too!  

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