Monday, July 23, 2018

{Seabrook: Day 2}

Today was much the same...lots of long walks on the beach {we made it nearly to the Kiawah River!}, even longer bike rides {the big loop around the island is roughly 6.5 miles for the record} and no plans but to rest and restore and relax!

We did decide to leave a little earlier than normal to head to the beach to watch the Turtle Patrol inventory a loggerhead sea turtle nest as we've done many years in the past.  It's always so sweet to see those little creatures make their way to the ocean and then get tossed about by the smallest wave.  Oh the diligence and courage they have from birth!

Lots of photos on my phone...which is about the only reason that I'm even pulling it out this week...but a few on the "real" camera too.

The girls were a bit tired from the extra long walk to the sea turtle nest {there are countless ones here on the island and this is definitely the furthest we've walked first thing in the morning to see it} but the boys, as usual, are enjoying their time with friends who frequent this sacred place each summer and share our heart for adoption.  So thankful we can give them these memories! They head out after sunset for bike rides together and play football and pool at the club house and board games that they've planned and looked forward to all year.  And how it always manages to be "Shark Week" on the television every single year that we are here is beyond me! But, I tend to keep my nose in a book or sit here and edit and blog for my children to one day enjoy anyways while the kids catch up on more oceanic wildlife than I care to ever encounter! :)

This may be the only time she's left the house with her hair down but we were in a bit of a hurry and I had still not finished my first cup of coffee...or had breakfast!

Someone was not happy about not being allowed to play in the water! 

The kids loved watching the Coast Guard fly over!

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