Tuesday, July 24, 2018

{Seabrook: Day 3}

More the same...and I suppose most of the rest of the week may just include more photos for keepsakes than words as we spend the bulk of our days taking long bike rides {and wow the homes we saw near Swan Island at the end of Seabrook today}, time at the pool and evenings on the beach...although it doesn't always happen in quite that order!

It was cloudy tonight but still a lovely evening to watch the sun go down while the girls played in the sand and the boys visited a moment before taking off on a bike ride and back to catch a little Shark Week before bedtime.  AJ is coming to life before our eyes.  She's always loved her daddy but he's been more for fun than loving...but tonight on the beach she laid her head down on him and cuddled in...after making silly faces at each other first, of course!

As we've discussed our goals and vision for the next half of this year, I cannot help but think of how this time last year having another child this year wasn't even a thought...and then I sit weeping as I watch not one but two little girls from the other side of the world who are now sisters...running freely in the sand without a care in the world...with families to call their own...and something as incredible as a vacation here to experience.  They may have gained much in this process but I am quite certain we are the ones who have gained the most...forever humbled that somehow He saw fit to bless us in this way.  I have spent many years grieving the one He's taken as I walk these all so familiar sandy beaches...and now...to have them here...it's just simply too much to process...and tears are all I am capable of producing.  He gives and takes away...and, in both, He is good and so worthy of all praise.

These big brothers are the best!  They help so much with their sisters and I am so grateful.

Bear giving me the cool guy look before he spent the next couple of hours watching out for his sisters in the pool.

I got to sit poolside and chat with my love!  What a treat to have so much time together!

She needed a little water bottle break! :)

Headed to the beach {across the street} for an evening in the sand before bedtime!

Typical...AJ is busy checking things out & AG is busy posing! 

She loves to yell quite loudly when she spots a dog or "gou-gou" as she still calls them.  She's only petted one tiny little thing on the beach tonight but still enjoys making sure everyone within an ear shot knows there's a dog around! :)

Not the best part job, but I do adore this badge of courage that runs down the lower portion of her sweet head.

Be still my heart!!!

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