Sunday, July 22, 2018

{Seabrook: Day 1}

What a lovely Sabbath spent slowly on our favorite beach.  We enjoyed the morning at North Beach {complete with a water moccasin spotting on the boardwalk...oh my!} where the boys surfed the waves a bit and the girls dug up the sand in the tide pools.  AJ surprised us all with her taking to the sand and surf quite well...especially seeing as to how she wanted nothing to do with it a week after first coming home.  We agreed it was a testament to how secure she feels and how she knows her place in our family now.  Lots of hard, diligent work happens daily to give her that peace and it's such a blessing to see it come to fruition a bit in such a simple way.  We took a long walk and hit the jackpot with sand dollar finds!  I have the sweetest memories of walking the beaches just north of us a bit as a child with my mother and her always finding the best sand dollars.  It was the first time that I found a whole one...and then we found 5 more.  What a gift!

We visited the pool for a short bit & then headed back for lunch and naps.  All the girls slept...lovely! And all the boys fished!  Then, we took a family bike ride around the entire island.  After dinner, our sweet friends made it to Seabrook for the week {as is our tradition} and we spent the evening on the beach just across the street watching the kids play and the sunset.  We were greeted with two baby deer and a buck hiding in the brush just below our condo.  So thankful to have this treasured time together to make memories and slow down to focus on the people that matter the most.

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