Thursday, June 07, 2018

{Last Day of School Pics!}

So the title isn't entirely true!  We had our last day about 2 weeks ago but I totally forgot to take photos until I saw everyone posting first and last day pictures on Instagram of their kids.  So, I thought it'd be a good way to compare since I did take photos on the first day! :)

Amidst the flurry of adoption paperwork, social worker visits, going to the other side of the world and adding another little busybody to our family, we made it through 8th & 2nd grades!  AG also got some good Pre K work done and probably should get part credit for 2nd grade she especially loved sitting in on Phonics and Math for Luke!

This year reminds me so much of my first year of homeschooling when Wyatt was in kindergarten.  I remember looking back on that year after having basically having a baby the week before we began school and still completely in awe that my 5 year old was a very proficient reader.  How in the world did he learn to read while I was nursing a baby?!?!?  I love that God always is gracious to fill the gaps in this journey because I'd never be able to do this alone...and would be foolish to try.  Every single morning, I call on His strength to be enough for that day...and know that everything I lack is found in Him.

Sure, we'll have some summer work and since homeschooling is more of a lifestyle than a typical 180 days and we're done, our routine is definitely still staying close to what it's been minus so many assignments.  We are still reading heavy over here and will do a little math a couple times a week as well.  But, it's a welcomed season of rest to spend more time playing and swimming and beaching and fishing.  And I had a moment the other day when I realized that our next start to school will involve the first day of HIGH SCHOOL for one very special young man.  How can this be?!?!?

So thankful The Lord has sustained our homeschool for 9 full years now.  All glory to Him!

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