Sunday, June 24, 2018

{Bear Plays All-Stars!}

De-ja-vue!  Seems like yesterday we were sitting on the sidelines and cheering for his big brother...just at a different league then.  We made the switch to a rec park closer to home and have certainly enjoyed closer fields.  Bear has the same love of the game that the other guys in our home have and it's such fun to watch him play!  This year, he was once again chosen for the All-Star team! He was the 3rd batter and played SS &  2nd!  He hit some bombs this go round, too!  He brought in 4 runs with 2 doubles on their last game.  Most of all, he was a great teammate and had a winning attitude...always working hard and being a leader in his quiet, humble way.  Couldn't be more proud of this boy!

Had to include these photos of the girls, too...although I'm about to blog about exactly what happened here.  WOW!

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