Monday, March 26, 2018

{More Ball}

Making sure to snap a few more of my boys playing ball before my hands are full with a toddler!

Bubba has had some great outings on the mound and at 1st base.  He also is a power hitter and can crush the ball when they need it...and when it's just fun! :)  He's also developing some good friendships that I hope last a lifetime for him.  Some of his daddy's best friends are former teammates so it'll be fun to see how things turnout for these boys.

Bear is finally getting his season underway, too!  There's a lot of dividing and conquering going on these days.  Thankfully, this only lasts for a few weeks right now until Bubba's season is over (and before summer ball begins).  Bear is playing with two of his best buddies and they are having so much fun! He takes this quite seriously for an 8 year old though...and is always dressed hours (and hours) before the game.  He lays out his sliding shorts, cup, belt, hat, undershirt, pants, socks and jersey...and always cleans his cleats!  He's been watching his big brother for a long time and learning how this works! :)

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