Friday, March 23, 2018

{Mei-Mei's First Cake}

A few weeks ago I asked our agency if there was any possible way to get our littlest love a cake for her birthday.  This is something that we did for Andie-Grace once we were matched with her...and just before meeting her face to face.  She had just turned 1 and we wanted to send her a little something to we surely were!  Our agency with Ailee James has been wonderful.  They formerly had a partnership with AJ's orphanage {which is now not allowed in China} and were able to give us hundreds of photos and videos in the first couple of months before the orphanage rules changed at the beginning of the year.  So, when I made the request for AJ's birthday cake I knew there may be a very good chance that they may not be able to do it.  It is just always worth asking though!  Much to our delight, we learned a few weeks ago that they did indeed have her a little cake party!  And then...just days ago...we received 64 photos of our Mei-Mei taking bite after bite after bite of her first cake...for her second birthday.  What a gift!

The orphanage nannies dressed her up in a pretty pink dress with pearls and gave her a "Happy Birthday" crown.  So sweet!  She even got to help cut her cake.  :)  I hope that some of the other kids and nannies were able to enjoy this beautiful cake, too!  I had no idea what it would look like and assumed there would probably be fruit on top as is custom.  But our Ailee James' cake came perfectly fit for a princess with hearts and a bow...and some say that there's such a thing as coincidence...but, I surely believe this is further evidence of the sovereignty of God in every single thing.  Hearts and bows that are the sweetest reminders...especially in this season that is filled with memories of the life of our Annabelle who opened our hearts for the two little sisters that God knew would come after her in our family.   I couldn't have picked a sweeter cake...or a sweeter surprise than to open these photos and see the cake that someone half a world away who doesn't even know our family chose for our daughter.  Only God.

Oh sweetest little love, you may be wondering what all this fuss is toys and a party just for you!  And, let's not forget the endless photos that your Momma has's got to be strange having someone take photos of you eating after these two lonely years without.  Things are going to change so much for you in weeks and we are praying that every fear is met with hope...and every doubt is soon erased with a love that will never, ever, ever let go.

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Debbie Sauer said...

So precious! Blessings