Saturday, February 03, 2018

{Both Hands Project!}

Months ago, I came across the coolest fundraiser that truly fulfills the Gospel...using one hand to serve the widow & one hand to bring the orphan home.  Since it encompasses a little bit of manual labor/construction, too...Scott was immediately interested.  We both knew this would be a tremendous way to take the focus off of us a little bit and do something for someone else.  So, we applied around Thanksgiving and were thrilled to find out we were approved!  We've been busy organizing our Core Team (precious friends who are helping tackle the tasks this project requires) & finally were led to our widow last week!

Mrs. Laura has long been a part of my life...working alongside my mother many years ago in the special education arena and being very actively involved in our church.  Her husband passed from Parkinson's disease in 2016 after 56 years of marriage.  We will be spending the day, March 10th, serving her by helping with jobs around her home.

So, you may be wondering how this all works?  Basically, it's like getting sponsors for a 5K.  We send out letters & ask you to sponsor us (with 100% of the funds directly going towards our adoption) while we serve Mrs. Laura! Cool, huh?!?!

Below you will find our letter...and there's a direct link to make donations online, too!  It's incredible to me how the timing of this is all working out.  When we first set the date back before Christmas we thought "that'll be plenty of time before we travel in the summer!".  HA!  This literally may be happening just weeks before going to Ailee James now!  So, we are throwing all we have into making this a giant success to fully fund our adoption & wrap this one up!!!

Plus, if we surpass our fundraising goal...which is also a goal of ours...100% of those funds go to bring home another orphan.

If being a part of this journey to Ailee James has crossed your mind at all, please consider donating now to this God-ordained & orchestrated project!

And, in case you were wondering, every gift is tax deductible, too! :)

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