Sunday, February 04, 2018

{Putting up the Crib}

Decided to do something other than paperwork yesterday to get ready for our littlest love! Thankful I hung onto this pink crib for "grand babies one day!". HA! God sure is funny! 
Andie-Grace had shared a baby doll & placed it in the crib within minutes to make sure her baby sister has a doll, too. I can't wait to see those two together!
Prayers this week for our LID {Log In Date} to happen before Chinese New Year {2/15} where many will be taking off work and we will more than likely see a slow down for a week or so in our paperwork. A bit of progress in this part of the process would be incredible in the next 2 weeks! 
It's a special week for our family with my Daddy's birthday being today & my sweet sister's on Friday! So thankful for their support & love in this journey...AJ has no idea the love that's coming her way! 💗

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