Thursday, February 01, 2018

{Only Today}

I had such a sweet time sharing my story with some young mommas this morning. Today marks 10 years since Annabelle's open heart miracle surgery...God has always had a way of revealing His perfect plan through times and especially dates...and here we are again...
Friends, completely unplanned & completely by surprise & about 3 weeks earlier than I have even had the slightest wishful thinking it could happen, our DOSSIER is headed to China TODAY! 

When I got the call yesterday that everything was done in DC (authenticating at the Dept of State & Chinese Embassy), I was in shock! I really shouldn't have been though...He revealed His sovereignty with us receiving Pre-Approval the same day in October as we did with Andie-Grace & now He's showing off again. 

This is the God we serve, friends. 

He delights in us! He rejoices over us! And He so, so, so wants to see His children smile. 
So, amidst tears of JOY, we bought giant gluten free oatmeal cream pies from our favorite bakery & celebrated today...for the miracle He performed 10 years ago in Annabelle & the miracle He gave us in moving mountains once again to bring home Ailee James.

We are DTC!!!  This means that our Dossier is on the way To China!
Basically, everything we have done in the past 3 months is approved, sealed, authenticated & in the Chinese system and headed to the other side of the globe to get a big YES from our daughter's country.  

It's your turn, China! 

{And a picture of the biggest sister just because it all started with her...}

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