Tuesday, September 26, 2017

{Old as New}

I have photos from nearly 7 years ago when Bear was just a little thing toddling around and playing with this favorite toy.  It requires little and seems to be just as enjoyable when you are 2 as 8...and Panda is definitely taking a liking to it as well.

Simple things like brightly colored plastic screws and a {sometimes} working drill...or handheld wrench.

Makes me really wonder why so much stuff is the norm these days anyways.  We really don't require much for happiness...or at least we shouldn't.  Yeah, that hurt.  I claim to be quite a minimalist but still take great time and place far more value than I should on stuff.  These earthly treasures...that always leaving us wanting more.  The newest trend or the latest style.  And, yet, children teach us...

That simple is all we really need.  An old toy that requires little other than your imagination to be made new again.  Oh and then the whole made new thing...a common thought in my jumbled mind. A desire for restoration and redemption and renewal...both here and in the New Earth.

And He's given such glorious glimpses in so many ways of this newness.  A longing still remains though as we press onward towards the goal...When all things are truly put aside and only fresh, new life remains.

So, as I sat watching my littlest two play with an old toy that I am sure was well loved before even our family as it was picked up years ago at a consignment store, I ponder so much...and search my heart wanting to want only more of Who brings this childlike true joy.

No flashy lights or batteries required...but so much assembly...as He puts together each part of this story He's writing in our family.  As He picks up another piece and creates the masterpiece only He can see...and I wonder why sometimes... and take another step in faith.

The assembly can be stressful as another facet of my life is wedged into a hole only He knows the purpose of.  But I'm trusting and thankful it's He who is holding these pieces...Full of the deepest trust possible as He creates beauty as only He can.    

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