Saturday, September 30, 2017

{September in iPhone Photos}

I guess I could explain this but...deer season & boys! :)

Miss Priss is slowly slowly slowly giving up her afternoon nap (can I get an AMEN for a baby who takes naps until almost 5 years old?!?!).  Somedays she just can't do it though!  And, this day, I turned around to find her like this!

Panda & I enjoy our afternoon golf cart rides to see the goats and explore.  Still in shock that this beautiful place to dwell is somehow ours.  So thankful for this space to heal and restore and serve.

When you ask your 13 year old to take a picture of the baby ASKING {huge for her!!!} to be rocked to sleep...and he does this! ;)

And again the next morning!  She's finally starting to love rocking as much as her momma!

The boys had a special dove hunt in the low country but still requested our Saturday favorite dinner of, I made them and we waited for them to get home until we couldn't wait any longer.  Sister ate 4 and then some! 

I've recently found a super easy and super yummy way to make homemade coconut milk!  She loves helping me with anything in the does Bear! 

We spent a beautiful cool-ish {mid 80s} fall afternoon at the zoo with friends!  AG grabbed a map as we entered and led the way!  She was too funny with it...and literally knew exactly where we were on the map the entire time.  Quite impressive!  She also calls it the "zoom" so there's that.  :)

The boys liked feeding the birds.  The girls not so much.  

And then Bear got to hold Jayne for the first time!!!  He's been around her bunches but hasn't held her.  I haven't pushed him as he's never held a little bitty baby before {she's maybe 7 pounds now} but he spoke up and asked to hold her and did quite well!  He was so happy...and Jayne was needing to poop.  So, it was short-lived but very sweet!

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