Monday, July 31, 2017

{July in iPhone Photos}

Such a fun month with a lovely vacation and a potty trained baby girl!  Big milestones being met and lots of fun being had and sweet memories being made!  July was good!

Someone posted this photo of my Grandma Lottie from high school.  :)

I love that Luke always puts his sister in heaven in our family list!  He never has met her but knows she is his big sister! 

This is a favorite dress because it twirls!  She's at that stage!!!  It's so much fun!

AG wearing a smocked dress my mother made for me...and I had the smaller identical one that was my sister's dress that I gave to her at the shower for her baby girl.

Panda is becoming quite the artist!  She even made sure to draw "pocketbooks" by the girls.  :)

I have many memories of helping shred the cheese for my Grandma's pimento cheese sandwiches.  I love that my kids enjoy this pastime too!

Silly boy!!!

He loves his mama snuggles early in the morning.

She was ready to go to the beach!

Between Bubba crawling on the ocean floor and these two, I think they found at least 30 hermit crabs in one day!

We made sure to leave them back in the ocean...after a few minutes of watching them walk around.

This is how Bubba found all the hermit crabs...and his position most of the time.  His back got a good tan!

Early morning walks on the beach while S & I enjoyed our coffee was the best part of our trip!  

It's not every day that you just hang out in a tide pool for hours and horses ride by.  LOVE!

Panda and I had a girls pool day while the boys played golf later in the week.  It was lovely!

Our "pets" that swing by the backyard about every evening.  They love the clover!

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