Sunday, July 16, 2017

{Raised to Life with Christ}

Early on April 3rd, my precious 3rd gift from God came down the stairs to join me as I was having my quiet time.  As soon as he cuddled up next to me, he said, "Mom, I want to follow Jesus."  We had a sweet conversation about what he believes in his heart as Truth and about what Scripture says is necessary to be given the free gift of Eternal Life.  He confidently shared his hope in Jesus and his certainty in Christ as Lord.  I led him, that sacred morning, in a simple prayer that has forever changed the course of his life.  Today, his Granddaddy baptized him as a public declaration of his faith in Jesus...surrounded by family and friends...and, as only God can do, he was baptized with the son of my very first friend and the precious soul who welcomed our family to Riverland Hills 27 years ago.  There truly is no greater joy!  Raised to Life with Christ, sweet boy!  And the angels are rejoicing! celebrate this special milestone, we had a fun dinner last night with all Bear's favorites...Shrimp & Grits and Oreo Cupcakes!  YUM!  We also spent time sharing notes that we each wrote to him to encourage him in his faith journey...pouring blessings over his life as he steps forward following the steps of Jesus.  

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Steph M said...

Just LOVE this so much!!! The angels are singing!!!