Sunday, August 06, 2017

{Seabrook 2017}

We had a lovely week at Seabrook Island for our annual beach vacation this summer.  Seabrook is a private, residential barrier island so the wildlife is abundant...evidenced by the deer that you can just about pet, the alligator in the creek right outside our door all week and the rattlesnake sitting just off the boardwalk at the beach.  We also had the opportunity to witness two sweet little baby loggerhead turtles make their way to the ocean after being late hatchlings.  The SI Turtle Patrol has their hands full with nearly 75 loggerhead turtle nests each year that they protect & help get a good start.  Truly incredible to experience!

We were joined by our friends, The Drafts', first part of the week and the kids just have the best time playing together.  We rented bikes this time and the boys loved having that freedom to go meet up with the other kids to play pool or a pick up game of basketball at the Lake House while AG napped.

It was such a relaxing week filled with lazy morning walks on the beach and then playing the rest of the morning on the beach.  We'd go to the condo for lunch and then back to the pool (on the beach) after nap time.  I got to read my first book just simply for pleasure in quite a while and loved rekindling that favorite hobby.  The boys hit up the driving range and then played a round of golf later in the week...and my husband sent me away once again for an amazing pedicure at the spa on the marina.

We all came home refreshed and with tan lines...a true vacation!  So thankful that we can continue this tradition for our family...and especially our children.  Seabrook is a slow paced island that forces us to just enjoy being together and it's a gift!

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