Wednesday, September 21, 2016

{Surgery One Month Followup}

Yesterday, Miss Priss had her one month followup visit with her surgeon to check in on things since surgery.  He said that her incision is healing beautifully and there appears to be no signs of swelling or excess fluid...aside from normal soft tissue still being a bit tender.  We discussed improvements that we've seen already...words that she will say now that she's never said before...her ability to skip and twirl and actually make strides while running...and the fact that she can smell now {which he hadn't heard of before but said was definitely possible}. It was his hope from the beginning that we would see changes in her after surgery that we never realized were impeding her prior...and I think he's right.  She still has some random knee pain...and a few other things that we are hoping time will heal as her body adjusts to this new flow.  She will have another sedated MRI in 2 months to see what's really going on in there and we are praying that her syrinx has completely resolved. 

It took her over 3 1/2 years to get to this point so we know that it's going to take time to see any changes but we are optimistic in the improvements we've seen already.  Thank you for praying for our girl...The Lord is giving her quite a testimony!

*And...isn't her scar just gorgeous!?!?  It's healing so beautifully and is evidence of God's healing hand. 

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