Tuesday, September 20, 2016

{Post-Op Clinic Visit & Delivering Annabelle Baskets}

Our little Panda Princess had her first follow-up appointment since surgery today...and we made sure to restock the PCICU beforehand with Annabelle Baskets.  We also fit in a fun visit to the Aquarium afterwards! 

So far, things are looking great!  Her incision is healing beautifully and she is really impressing us with her new gross motor skills like twirling and skipping.  :)  She'll have a sedated MRI the Tuesday before Thanksgiving to get a better look and we are praying God is removing that syrinx in her spine in the meantime! 

Mandatory Photo over Ashley Ave ;)

 AG LOVES her surgeon!  I think it's the coolest thing that he never wears a white coat around his little patients...so she doesn't associate him with being a doctor or anyone in the medical field really.  He was also the only person that would walk in her room in the hospital that she didn't cry over.  Poor kid got so tired of getting poked and proded but she was never afraid of him.  I truly believe it's because he didn't ever let her see him as a doctor...even if he had scrubs on, he'd wear this zipper vest to cover them up.  Smart guy in more ways than one!

Hanging out with Liberty the Bald Eagle.  There was fish in that ice and Liberty was busy!

 The lego creations around the Aquarium were impressive!

AG found Dory AND Nemo!!!!   

Playing with the stingrays...the amount of things you can touch is more than mama is up for! Good thing their daddy could meet us for a couple of hours and play!

Bubba and the pelican both needed haircuts.  ha! ;)  

 This girl loves to shop!

Taking in all that they could about the SKUNK!  Thankfully, the stinker part was removed! It was pretty awesome to only have about two other families in the entire place there with us.  We got LOTS of attention and did a great bit more than we ever have there. 

Seeing these three doing this...oh my heart is FULL!!!!!

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