Tuesday, September 27, 2016

{Poop Plant}

One of the joys of our new homeschooling routine this year is that we have time for lots of field trips!  I love that I get to "chaperone" and that our entire little tribe gets to experience the trip together.  Since we are studying ecological and environmental science this year, we took a trip to the wastewater treatment facility nearby.  It was quite interesting...um, yeah...something like that.  Surprisingly, it didn't smell too badly...unless the wind was blowing just right.  The tour guide was really great, too...and had a great sense of humor which really helped the kids enjoy it. 

This new routine of ours has been such a blessing already this school year.  Being more intentional and focusing on my children's hearts has been whispered into my soul by the Spirit for many months now and I'm thankful this change allows for more of doing just that...and He's faithfully provided in so many ways.  Bubba has a resource center he attends two mornings a week with other homeschool kids where he's learning so much and truly enjoys his classes...and I'm able to focus more time on teaching Bear to read in ways that he truly grasps and flourishes in.  Our mornings are more peaceful and we are falling into a lovely routine of studying hymns, reading aloud and praying together....among other things...and I'm truly able to take back being my children's primary teacher. 

Every part of this journey is different...and each season brings its own needs and challenges.  I'm so thankful that He knows what I need before I do and guides me as I guide them.

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