Friday, June 26, 2015

{VBS Dollbaby}

I helped taking photos at VBS again this year and managed to put Miss Priss in her class a few of those days that I was busier.  It's much more me than her when it comes to that decision but I've learned over the last months that she is still pretty darn good at faking it and making everyone think she's a little charmer...but, once she's out of the limelight, it gets pretty ugly and hard.  So, I take making decisions like her going into a classroom that she's not used to with kids she's not used to and teachers she's not used to quite seriously.  Too much and we are in serious trouble stirring up hard stuff from her past.  But, a little is usually fine and we are ALL happy at the end of the day!  She knows Mommy always comes back for her but sometimes she can doubt that so I have to make sure she knows I'm always near...which is why I got this sweet shot of my baby girl being wheeled around in the bye-bye-buggy!  Y'all, she's gotta be the cutest little VBS-er ever!!!!  I just melted seeing her looking so big and GORGEOUS! Not sure how we managed the Chinese doll baby with such volume in her hair either but I'll take it! :) 

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