Monday, July 20, 2015

{Oh Atlanta}

The girls crashed the annual boys only baseball trip!  We still had a busy set of plans all our own while the boys enjoyed doing "boy stuff" like two Braves games, hitting up Bass Pro Shop and eating junk nonstop.  ;) 

As for the girls...

AG and I met my dear friend, Bernie, and her family for dinner on Friday {Bernie has a precious little boy, Luke, in Heaven}.  She picked this Tex-Mex place called Chuy's and it was yummy!  Then, Saturday morning we had a brunch date at American Girl Bistro which was followed by some of the sweetest shopping I've ever seen!  Baby girl just kept turning around and smiling ear to ear and saying "Day-Doo, Mama!".  For nearly 7 years, I've gotten the American Girl catalog and gone between weeping tears to pure anger over having in my mailbox each season.  Y'all, that was pretty amazing...taking my daughter to the very store my heart has ached to experience for so long...and she just LOVED it!  God redeems....everything.

To wrap up that special day, we met Sadie and her mom, Erin, and siblings for an extended CFA playdate!  We spent our second week in China with Sadie and her parents so it was incredible to see that sweet girl again and the amazing transformation that LOVE has made in her life!  Seeing our girls together again was the biggest blessing!  They had so much fun running around and AG especially loved playing with Sadie's brother and sister, too!  They weren't in China with them so it was special to meet the rest of the family! :)  I look forward to moments like these often in their future!

Sunday morning we slept in and then made the journey back home....everyone with full hearts!

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