Friday, May 29, 2015

{Little Diva}

That perfect golden light and a well napped toddler meant one thing while the boys were throwing ball in the yard...quick, fun photo session with Miss Priss' favorite things.  Those, um-hum, would be pink plastic high heel shoes and a {very} breakable silver mirror.  She insisted on both...and a trip to see the "bock-bock" much to even glance my way!  She's her mother's child.  ;)

She was sure to show off her new favorite face, too.  The pout.  She loves when you "pop" her cheeks!  Little Miss also tried once more to master blowing a dandelion...also, once again, unsuccessful.  Hopefully, she'll get it by her birthday in the fall but for now she just makes the cutest little face trying!

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