Tuesday, February 24, 2015

{ONE YEAR of Forever with our Grace Face Panda Princess!}


It has been a beautiful, hard, glorious, messy, redeeming year.  We are SO thankful that God called us and that we trusted Him.  This girl is the most precious gift!
Happy ONE YEAR of Forever, Andie-Grace Face Ping Pong Panda Princess!
Our darling girl...you've grown 10 pounds this year and top the charts around 25 pounds now.  You wear size 18 month clothes and a size 6 shoe.  You demand your bow always be in and socks {or "ock"}are your favorite.  You are brave, sassy, stubborn, strong-willed, smart, busy and absolutely hysterical.  You take your Lu-Lu's hand to run and play together and know you can get anything you want with your Bubba.  You can throw a ball and catch on occasion but prefer to tote your purse and twirl in a tutu.  You love wearing Mommy's shoes and dancing to loud music.  You never sit still and are as curious as a monkey.  This great big world is yours, baby girl...and we get the honor of watching you take it by storm. 
God has moved mountains in your life and ours.  We are the lucky ones...the chosen...the redeemed.  Ours family is richer and stronger and bolder and deeper because of you, darling one...we are so incredibly, immeasurably, gloriously blessed!



Auntie Mip said...

The change, beauty and joy that is found in her eyes after 12 short months is miraculous.

Michelle BeVelle said...

Your blog is seriously my favorite. Andie-Grace is the most adorable little girl ever. I love seeing all your pics. I follow you on Instagram also and love seeing your pics there too. You have a beautiful family!! Just seeing the life in her eyes and her smile is so amazing.

The Price Family! said...

She is growing up so fast! She is changing daily.