Monday, August 18, 2014

{Luke's FIVE!}

This boy really knows how to stretch a birthday and make the most of it!  After a full day at the beach the day before and his highly requested donut cake for breakfast, Luke also wanted a "simple" party...with pizza, peanuts and cookie cake!  So, I headed to the store about an hour before dinner time and we pulled off an easy last minute party! 

Luke picked out shark plates {thanks to a week of shark overload the week prior} as his theme.  :)

Uncle Jon, Aunt JC {and baby JJ in tow}, Grandaddy & Mimi made it over for dinner on the deck!  Luke racked up on presents, too!  He got new roller skates and a Gamecock jersey just in time for football season next week!  Maybe next year he'll finally say that he wants me to plan him a party...but for now I am loving that he'd rather have a simple party and a day at the beach! He's just like his daddy! :)

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