Tuesday, August 19, 2014

{First Day of School...Take 2!}

The boys started their homeschool co-op today and did awesome with a few first day jitters!  The only one who shed any tears was baby sissy who was NOT happy that both of her brothers were not with us when we reloaded after dropping them off!  I think this was the first time that she's seen me leave both boys...perhaps a trigger for her and deep rooted fear that she has herself from her first year?  I felt so sad for her not truly understanding what was going on.  Thankfully, the fit was fairly short lived and she was all grins and giggles when it came time to pick them up.

The boys had a wonderful first day!  Both have amazing teachers and we are looking forward to another awesome year at Arrows!

I have to admit that homeschooling gets a bit overwhelming at times so it's opportunities like this that really make this journey doable for our family.  Science labs and art history are not my thing so I'm thankful to have someone else filling those gaps...along with lots of other supplemental subjects!  Now that those two days are behind us this week, we can sleep a little longer in the morning...and I am refreshed and ready for a few more days of old school home school with my babies! :)

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