Sunday, August 31, 2014

{Six Months & One Week of Forever}


In keeping true to our schedule these days, our precious girl is getting a 6 months...and one week...of forever update!  Life is busy and I find myself choosing to spend the evenings and any down time we may have just loving these precious gifts that God has given us to raise rather than busying myself with things that most certainly are not storing up treasures in Heaven.  ;) 
Andie-Grace continues to amaze us!  She's not added many words to her vocabulary this month but she is proving to be quite a firecracker!  Girlfriend's got a temper!!!  She finally knows {Thank Jesus!} what she wants and most definitely what she does not and she makes it known! The child that would just take whatever I gave her to eat a few months back now has an opinion...and she would rather have fruit over oatmeal and oatmeal over cereal.  She likes raisins but only will take them if the cranberries are gone and she would much rather drink water out of her brothers' sports bottles than the exact same water out of hers. 
It's exactly in these moments of wanting to go "what?!??!?!" that I remind myself how incredibly awesome it is that she has a choice now and that she doesn't hold back one little bit when she wants to make hers known.  She's strong and even stronger willed.  She's a fighter for sure and holds her own quite well with two big brothers.  ;)
She'd rather be in the pool or in her little "sensory" pool or in the bathtub that just about anywhere else.  She's exploring and splashing and daring and taking in every opportunity that comes her way.  She's adventurous and brave and shies away from just about nothing. 
Oh does she keep us busy!  She soaks in life.  All the time!  She's learning to laugh out loud and still tries out a few giggles...still not completely sure what they are but knowing that she likes it.  She has a deeper belly laugh that's hysterical and a sweet girly one that is beyond precious.  Having a front row seat at the miracle unfolding in her life is priceless. 
Here's to six months {and one whole week} of forever, sweet girl!  You were made for us and us for you! 
* these pictures have the China Squat down pat, you chose a bat over all toys ever, you never sit still, you fist bump with the best of them and you absolutely hated goggles the first time your daddy put them on you...but you warmed up to them a little after that!*

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Sarah Leech said...

Oh my goodness!!! I love all these pics…and I hate to say it but I really LOVE the screaming goggle pic!! She is such a gift!!! What kind of camera do you use to take your pictures?
Sarah Leech