Monday, August 18, 2014

{Oh Kiawah...}

A day on an island so full of so many memories...celebrating life and our little bringer of light...celebrating new beginnings...celebrating joy...celebrating friendships formed by the work of His hand...and always surrounded by hope. 

It was only fitting that Luke chose to celebrate his birthday at the beach...and Andie-Grace's first time dipping her toes in the sand came in the very place I took steps six and a half years ago with her big sister kicking joyfully away in my womb.  I never would have planned my life or our family this way but God truly does always know best.  Two precious gifts later, we still remember and reflect on the beautiful little one who brought us to this island the first time...and taught us how to love with abandon.

Kiawah holds all of this and so much more...

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