Sunday, April 27, 2014

{Happy Half Birthday Andie-Grace!}

Birthdays are a pretty big deal in our family.  My momma made a big deal out of them and I enjoy the same for my babies.  So, since we were matched with Miss Priss just one day before her first birthday and she didn't officially have a first birthday party, we decided to do a little celebrating for one and a half!

The weather was beautiful so we kept it easy with grilling out and eating on the deck!  We had cupcakes and let Andie-Grace have her way with it!  Short and sweet and not too much stimulation for our sassy pants girl. 

Two promises to be quite the party but I just couldn't let one and a half get by without doing something!  For the record, she had two big firsts on her half birthday...swimming in the pool {which she couldn't get enough of!!!} and icing everywhere! 

She loved every second...and just as we were singing "happy half birthday to you...." and she beamed with joy...I said a silent prayer for her birth mother.  I don't think we will ever hit a milestone in our daughter's life without my thinking of the woman who carried her first...and giving thanks that she chose life for this amazing, beautiful gift of ours. 
Happy Half Birthday #4!!!!  We love you to China and back!


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