Sunday, April 27, 2014

{Country Boy's Dream Come True}

My biggest baby is going to be T-E-N tomorrow!!!  Double digits are about to do me in!  I cry every time I think about it...and will surely be making 9 last until the last minute tomorrow evening! ;)

Living in the country has its perks for sure!  My babies are blessed with incredible neighbors to grow up around...built in grandparents, delicious gardens, best private fishing pond around and so much more! 

Our very next door neighbor {whose home we still can't really see...which I adore!} is Steve.  He's been living on about 30 acres beside us since we moved in nearly 9 years ago.  We share a dog {sort of, Jake is really his but stays here a good 70% of the time} and chickens.  Steve has joined us at church and loves cupcakes...or brownies...or whatever I bake up to deliver periodically.  He's so great with the kids and the boys just adore him!  Well, he got his hands recently on an old lawnmower and decided to do a little work to it for our almost 10 year old. 

He came flying up the road Friday afternoon clipping at least 25 miles an hour on what Wyatt has dubbed the "best present ever"...a country boy's dream come true!

Wyatt's got his own set of keys now and thinks he's hit the jackpot!  So blessed to enjoy the simple things in life and see my sweet boy get such joy out of an old lawnmower that doesn't even have a blade on it!  Thanks Steve!!!!  Let's hope he doesn't decide to put it in 7th gear too often now or I'll be requiring a helmet! And, yes, Luke had a complete meltdown that he doesn't have a big tractor...the little Peg Perego handmedown tractor just isn't cutting it anymore! ;)  Thankfully, my oldest has a heart of gold and will happily tote his baby brother around for loops in the yard.

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