Sunday, April 27, 2014

{Brown Eyed Babes}

Everyone has someone in their family that holds a special, special place.  I'm blessed to have several of those amazing folks...but my grandma is for sure one of them!  She is my mother's mother.  She gave up her life to move in and care for my family when my mother was so sick and on hospice.  She fed us, cleaned our home, did our laundry and nursed my mother's every need until she said good bye to us early one Saturday morning in December of 1995.  The bond with my grandmother took on a whole new depth when I said goodbye to my daughter six years ago.  There was only one other person in my family who really knew the pain my soul grandmother. 

We speak at least once a week and usually much more often.  She's had a lot of health issues lately and been in and out of the hospital.  She's had some pretty bad falls and just broke her ankle last week which landed her in a rehab facility for a few weeks.  She's a hot mess, to put it mildly!  She's so funny, speaks her mind and loves furiously.  She doesn't miss a Charles Stanley sermon and loves her some strong black coffee.  She's the best cook this side of the Mississippi for sure.  She makes the best pumpkin pie I've ever put in my mouth and can rival Paula Deen for the South's best homemade biscuits.  She taught me how to make my first gallon of sweet tea two weeks after Scott and I got married and, boy, is it sweet!  She's the first person I call when I need help with a recipe or an old wives' tale truth or when I'm just plain missing my first girl.  She gets it.  She has that same amputation in her heart, too. 

When we told her we were adopting from China, she was my biggest supporter.  She'd want updates constantly, pictures as soon as we were matched and swore that Andie-Grace got her brown eyes from her. She started pulling out every Asian babydoll she owned and wanted to talk hairstyles.  She prefers a cute little bob cut.  ;) 

It was a complete joy to share my second daughter with her last week...since she never got to meet Annabelle this side of Heaven.  Andie-Grace was busy bodied and quickly took to Grandma's walker...determined to figure it out.  Grandma thought it was great that they both need walkers...always finding humor in any situation.  So blessed to share my brown eyed girl with her brown eyed great grandmother!  I could just sense my mother and Annabelle peaking in on these sweet moments...


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