Sunday, May 04, 2014

{BBQ for the Baby!}

Our Sunday School class threw Andie-Grace the best party today after worship!  Our teacher cooked up three different types of yummy BBQ {I preferred, in order, mustard based, vinegar & pepper, and then ketchup based.} and the rest of the class brought sides and desserts.  It was a Sunday after church feast to celebrate welcoming Andie-Grace home!

I thought it was hysterical that the centerpiece was a porcelain panda!  Scott's nickname for AG is "Panda" and they had no clue!  So, it was pretty cute that it worked out that way!  The pink roses and daisies were perfectly pink for the tables and now smell delicious sitting in the den. 

We are so blessed to have such an incredible group of brothers and sisters in Christ to share our hearts with each week.  And...goodness, did they hear a ton while we were going through the adoption process! ;)  And, now I have a new favorite food...bring on the BBQ please!!!

By the way, AG ate for one and a half hours straight.  She feasted on a little BBQ herself along with green beans, baked beans, pimento cheese sandwich triangle, two PB&J flower finger sandwiches, two different types of orzo pasta dishes with feta, tomatoes and blueberries, mac & cheese, butter roll, strawberries, chocolate chip cookies and banana pudding.  I still feel like I'm forgetting something else but that at least gives you an idea of how much she LOVED every second of it!  This is also why she's gained over 4 pounds in 7 weeks.  :)  Eat up, girlfriend!

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