Thursday, April 24, 2014

{Two Months in Our Arms}

A special photo session was in order for a very special day...two months since our Andie-Grace was placed in our arms!

~You are just a touch over 20 pounds and 30 inches tall!
~You wear mostly 12 month clothing now and size 2 diapers.
~Your foot hasn't grown much in the past month though...still size 3 mostly but you have a couple size 2 you can still wear, too.
~You eat all table food and love yogurt smoothies!  Your are a chicken nugget girl and will eat absolutely anything.  I've never had a child suck down a squash pouch like you do...along with applesauce and anything else that is in the thing!  You are pretty easy to please when it comes to food!
~You take straw cups exclusively now and will drink watered down juice or coconut/almond milk blend.  You still will drink a little lactose free whole milk but we started switching you over last week and you love it! 
~We went to the International Adoption Clinic last week and just got all your results yesterday.  Everything checked out great!  Your vitamin D deficiency and anemia have already resolved within just 6 weeks of good nutrition! 
~You are a walker now!!!  You still prefer to crawl if you want to get to something pretty quickly but can walk down the entire hallway without falling!  You're starting to stand more and prefer walking over crawling for the most part.  I have a feeling when I update this next month you'll be walking everywhere.
~You love to play and listen to music but hate to have your teeth brushed.  Most other things you've warmed up to pretty well but brushing your teeth is still far from something you enjoy!  You will clamp your jaws shut when you know it's coming and fight the entire thing.  Maybe one day!
~You are super strong willed and extra know exactly what you want and what you don't and will get your point across without backing down!  You stand your ground with two big brothers, too!
~On Saturday, you will be 1 1/2!!!!  We are planning to celebrate with cupcakes on the porch since it's supposed to be beautiful out! I just couldn't bare to wait until the end of October for your first little party so we're going to do something small to give you a little taste of what's to come! 

It's a joy to watch you grow, sweet girl! You have started giggling a little here and there and have the sweetest little laugh!  You are starting to talk more and more but mostly it's just baby babble in Cantonese! You've learned a few words in English but still prefer your native tongue!  We try to encourage you to speak it to us so it's fun when you do!

Two blessed months, my dear...two incredibly blessed months!


Nancy @ Ordinary Miracles & The Crazy 10 said...

She is just divine! thank you for sharing a bit of her here!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful baby girl! Love reading about how she is thriving with her family. You can see her personality emerging in her pictures as you update them. I love the diaper cover panties. My girl wore them too.

God has blessed all of YOU!
Jennifer Waldrop

Anonymous said...

Beautiful Andie-Grace! Love seeing her personality emerging in your pictures of her. Love the monogrammed diaper cover! She is thriving with all the love, nuture and experiences her family has to give her.

God has surely blessed you all!

Jennifer Waldrop

Anonymous said...

I may have left too many comments. I was having difficulty reading the code words to prove I was not a robot! Delete which ones you want to.
Thanks- Jennifer Waldrop