Wednesday, March 05, 2014

{How Great is Our God}

This morning we visited a local Buddhist temple.  Since long before our trip, I've wanted to soak up every possible aspect of the culture of my daughter's home land.  This may be the only time I ever have to take in firsthand this beautiful country that will forever be a part of her and our family.  A portion of this country of hers is their national religion. 

As we pulled up to the 1000 Buddha Temple, my heart immediately sank.  There are beggars on the outside of the gates and persons one after another taking their turns walking in and making rounds to all the different buddhas offering money, fruit and incense burnings to them.

We had only come to the first Buddha {there are many buildings within the temple gates that house different buddhas...since they supposedly all know different things you have to pray to certain ones that pertain to what you want to know} in this cluster of temple buildings when one of my favorite Chris Tomlin songs came to mind...and I began to hum the tune in my daughter's ear. 

I stayed back from the group and sang to her...filling her precious spirit with the only One Who saves and redeems. 

From our first day with her, we learned that music speaks to calms blesses her.  And so I knew that in this place filled with idol worship, the Lord was prompting me to sing His truths to her...the words came just as my tears fell.

I've never been more thankful to know Jesus Christ as my Savior.

We are blessed to have another couple in our travel group who are missionaries in Alaska to a native tribe there.  This first time mother and I quoted scripture and shared that we were both prayer walking this lost and lonely place.  The Lord kept saying to me "they have not seen...they have not heard...they don't know that I am the Everlasting God!". 

My heart is burdened...and Christ is glorified.  I will forever be changed.

The Splendor of the King...clothed in Majesty...let all the Earth rejoice...all the Earth rejoice.
He wraps Himself in Light and darkness tries to hide...and trembles at His voice...trembles at His voice.
How Great is Our God...sing with me...How Great is Our God...and all will see how our GOD!


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Faith M. said...

I felt that same sadness as we viewed a much smaller temple in Seoul. I was saddened for the many souls we saw walk in and bow to a non existent god. It was heavy, yet it made me so thankful that Reid would grow up in our family and have every opportunity to come to know our Great God.