Wednesday, March 05, 2014

{Pearl River Boat Cruise}

Tuesday night we joined several other adoptive families for a dinner cruise down the Pearl River.  We were warned that the food was not the reason for taking the trip...but that the views were great!  So, it was quite funny to see all the American families with their takeout meals on the boat.  We got a little adventurous and tried the rice and cookies.  ;)  But, in case we got hungry there was a lovely chicken head on the menu.  And, of course, I had to get a photo of it!  It made Luke really sad since we love our chickens so much at home.  I promised him that it was not Mohawk, Pepper or Amelia...that they are safe in the hen house and that no one will eat them. 

It had rained a little earlier in the day and the temperature was a bit chilly compared to what we're used to here {it's been in the 70s most of our trip and I've worn flip flops every single day!!!}.  So, it was still a bit cloudy for photos.  Our main attraction remains our sweet China doll!  She's coming to life more and more each day and was even giving out some smiles on the boat that we've not seen her do away from the safety of our hotel room yet. 

Happy girl getting her bottle from Daddy!  When we got her last week we were told that she takes 5 bottles a day and no solid food.  Well, in just 8 days she's only now taking 2-3 bottles a day and eating lots of table food.  She honestly had no clue that she was supposed to open her mouth when you'd put a spoon to it last week.  Also, on Gotcha Day the orphanage director told me that she could only take a small piece of a soft cracker and to break it up for her...well not anymore!  She has more than mastered the pincher grasp and happily shoves anything within reach into her cheeks {and I mean anything!}.

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