Tuesday, February 25, 2014

One Less

Today Andie-Grace officially became one less orphan!  We spent the morning at the Civil Affairs office finalizing her adoption!  We had to answer questions about why we were adopting her and pledge to never abandon her.  She did very well most of the morning but started grieving pretty hard towards the end of that outing.  She has been using sleep as one of her coping mechanisms...literally just falling asleep at the drop of a hat to check out of all the emotions she's experiencing.  She's also not let me out of her sight at all today.  She's a Velcro baby for sure!  It started this morning when I went to get my shower...sweet thing just cried and cried.  Thankfully, she has a daddy and two brothers who are at her beck and call and did anything they had to get her happy again.  This afternoon she just couldn't get settled napping.  I did attempt to put her in the crib and she immediately refused.  So, since the boys had stepped out to keep it extra quiet in our little space...I strapped on the Ergo carrier and popped her right in to join them. I thought it'd do her well to get outside a little.  {They were at one of the koi ponds feeding the fish for the 3rd time today.}  She LOVED the baby carrier as soon as I put her in it!  Within a few minutes of us walking around, she was out and snoring!  I held her most of her nap and she just woke up crying but Scott was able to get her settled back down.  :)

We are amazed at how well she is taking so much change in her little life.  I'd be screaming my head off constantly if it were me!  She ate very well at breakfast this morning {refusing to eat can also be a coping mechanism} and downed a Belgium waffle, 1/2 of the yogurt drink, half a slice of dragonfruit and a few bites of porridge {basically it's really overcooked oatmeal}.  We are so thankful for this precious gift! 

Tomorrow we apply for her Chinese passport but, for now, I think I'm going to strap that carrier back on and we're heading to a park for some fresh air!

Oh....and Wyatt wants everyone to know that he is our professional photographer! :)  He's done so well helping us document everything!


Our Official Adoption Photo!

There is also another family here with us this week and next.  We have really enjoyed spending time together and getting to know them and their sweet baby girl, Ellie!  Such a gift to walk this road with fellow Believers!

Praise God for TWO Less!!!


Unknown said...

It's just almost too much cuteness to see sister with a big ole bow in her hair! LOVE!!! :)

Anonymous said...

Absolutely beautiful!! Will continue to pray for you all that our God is with you in the big details and the small details. So wonderful!! Praise God!!
Kim Simon :)

Sue said...

Will continue to pray for you as you guys continue the amazing journey. Glad you found another family to be around it, always makes it more fun when you can share it with someone

Anonymous said...

I love watching André-Grace's story unfold. Hugs to you all... know you are in my thoughts and prayers
Kim (cuiYi's mama)