Wednesday, February 26, 2014

{First Bath, Playtime and 16 months!!!}

Today was pretty low key.  We began the day by all laying in bed and doing our devotion together.  Then, we sang "Happy Birthday" to Andie-Grace since today is her 16 month birthday!  As soon as I mentioned it this morning, Luke broke out into song so we all joined in!  Baby girl just soaked it up and loved every second! 
Our agency tries to make the first three to four days very easy so that there is a lot of time for bonding...simple playtime, snuggling, feeding, caring for your new child so their attachment process is off to a good start.  Andie-Grace started grieving pretty hard yesterday but really seemed to turn a corner earlier this morning.  She fed herself out of nowhere and was very content to sit and play {without me being literally attached to her in some way}.  She's also going to her Daddy better today and giving him lots of smiles, too.
We took the day as it came and began with giving her the first bath!  Since she's so tiny, we thought it'd be best to start with the sink.  I dipped her toes in the water a few times but she'd immediately cling to me and climb out.  Finally, we got her to sit down long enough to get her clean and her hair washed.  She didn't protest it or cry like I thought she would but she definitely didn't love it just yet either.  As soon as her hair was rinsed, she was trying to climb out again.  We thought that was very successful for her first time being in the water! 

She loves to lay with her feet up.  She and I spent at least an hour last night playing on the bed after the boys were all asleep.  It didn't take me long to figure out what her toys have been for the last 16 months...her feet.  She will bring each foot up one at a time to her face and sweep her toes across her nose over and over.  She also held onto a puff {actually one in each hand} for hours last night.  Today, she seemed better about the food hoarding...hopefully showing that she is trusting us to continue to meet her needs.  The little things we are learning daily are just heart breaking.  No child should ever have to experience the world she has.
Later in the afternoon, we had to go to the police station to apply for her Chinese passport.  We have a new guide beginning today for the rest of the trip {except for the orphanage visit tomorrow}.  Her name is Miko.  She took excellent care of our family and the other family here at the same time as us.  The trip was short and sweet!  This was the first time that Andie-Grace hasn't fallen asleep as soon as we walk out of the hotel room!  That's huge for her!  A lot of times children will sleep a lot to shut out the emotional changes that they are going for her to go out and about with us and be her normal playful self was a wonderful treat!  We are so thankful that she is starting to trust us!
We wrapped up the rest of the afternoon by just hanging out and playing on the floor at the hotel room.  AG is trying to walk a little more each day.  She's standing unassisted much better and has an unstoppable spirit.  She is determined for sure!  Since the police station didn't allow photos, I had to get some pictures once we got back to document our big day! :)

Tomorrow {Thursday}  morning we will leave around 9:30am China time to head to her orphanage.  It is about an hour drive away.  Please pray for our family and, especially, for our sweet girl as we head into tomorrow.  We expect it to be a hard day for her and are praying that she leaves there tomorrow afternoon knowing even more the love we have for her...and that we're so thankful she is ours.  The boys have some treats to give to the other children, too.  After we visit her orphanage, we will be going by the location where she was found at 2 weeks old.  Oh my heart...your prayers are coveted for sure!  Thank you for walking this road and lifting us up!


Kathy said...

Congrats. Your daughter/sister is beautiful. Her eyes will light up the world. Our daughter was 15.5 months old and didn't walk when we received her and only weighed 12 pounds. Congrats again and enjoy the rest of your time in China.

Sue said...

Glad things are still going fairly smooth for you and it appears are really prepared.
When we visited the orphanage the first time, Jenny's "Godmother" took Jenny from my arms, brought her into another room and changed her into an outfit she brought for her that was 3 times to big. Those 5 minutes were a scary time for me, but yet we had to be very trusting since we were the first family to ever visit the orphanage and we had the media there. Jenny came back to me willing, but grieved very hard when we left the orphanage. After that, she was fine. Katie never grieved and never looked back when we got her. That is a different story. Good luck at the orphanage and it sounds like you are very aware to expect.

groovy mama said...

Hugs, she is dear!!!! Love reading & seeing pics:)
Our driver got lost going there-lol but hopefully she will nap for u....

Sherry said...

Praying for you and your family as you experience these exciting and hard times. Cant wait to see your blog posting from the orphanage visit

Sherry said...

Praying for your family and you experience these exciting and hard times. I can not wait to see your blog posting from your orphanage visit

Lenexa Relief Society said...

I have followed your blog since your Sweet Annabelle earned her Angel wings. So happy for this new Daughter of God that has joined your family. She is beautiful!