Thursday, September 05, 2013

{Labor Day Parade 2013}


My sweet boys and my daddy continuing the tradition {Wyatt loves getting his picture taken, by the way}…

IMG_7725 IMG_7726 IMG_7742

And a few things that were new this year {and kept the parade…interesting?}…

IMG_7756 IMG_7768 IMG_7783 IMG_7787

A fake racecar {per Wyatt}, the Weiner Mobile, certified Hillbillys and a rolling Palmetto Tree outhouse make for a few good laughs in Small Town, USA! 

We spent the rest of the day swimming in the pool & soaking up what we’ve got left of summertime!  Hope you “labored” well, too! :)

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Shannon said...

We missed it this year. Looks like it was interesting! :)