Wednesday, September 18, 2013

{First Go at QB}

Last Saturday was our local football “jamboree”.  Each team got 10 plays and had their pictures taken for the season.  This was also a good glimpse at how the season will go.  Y’all, it was ugly.  Not my child, per se.  But, nonetheless, ugly.  Wyatt is starting quarterback {bless him} and his offensive line isn’t much to write home about.  So, my sweet baby boy that I feel like I birthed last week got sacked…again…and again…and again.  The other team we played is probably the best in the league so that didn’t help matters at all. 

Here’s the kicker…When the game was over, I asked Wyatt if he was hurt and this is our conversation…

“What from?”

“From getting hit so many times.”

“Oh, I didn’t even feel it.”

Fabulous.  Not only did he get sacked 3 times in 10 plays but he didn’t even care.  At least those pads are doing their job! 

I must admit that he absolutely loved it.  And, if he loves it, then I’ll put on a happy face and be his biggest cheerleader! :)

Go #79!!!  That was a great year, after all! ;)

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