Wednesday, August 21, 2013

{Luke’s 4th Birthday!}


So hard to believe that sweet Luke is 4 years old already!  Where has the time gone?!?!?  Far too quickly, I’d say!

For his 4th birthday, Luke was adamant that he wanted no party but just “tuh-take on dee bee-sh”!  (That’s cupcake on the beach…our sweet boy still is having some difficulty with his speech but he’s working on it!)   That’s exactly what we did!

Thankfully, we live within a 2 hour drive to some pretty great beaches.  We loaded up early Sunday morning {his actual birthday} after birthday donuts and headed to Sullivan’s Island near Charleston for the day.   The weather couldn’t have been prettier…95 and sunny!  The boys were in their own little paradise and even got a slight scare when a 4 foot shark decided to hang out in the tide pool with them.  There was a local that spotted it and quickly got the kids out!  I was slightly freaking out but my boys loved it! ha!

It really was a perfect way to spend a birthday for a little boy that doesn’t do big crowds and lives for digging in the sand and jumping over waves. 

The funniest moment came after we had been at the beach for a couple of hours.  Luke came up to me and Scott and asked us “where my friends?”.  Sweet thing thought his two friends that he had mentioned were going to miraculously show up there, too.  Except his friends that he wanted to invite are 20 and 40 years older than him and were busy leading worship at church! :)

A ride back home and a good bath to wash off all the sand and we wrapped up the night with him blowing out candles for the second time that day! 

Happy Birthday to our sweet, spunky, incredibly sassy, energetic, rocking out and never a dull moment Bringer of Light!  You have lit up our lives for FOUR amazing, blessed years!  We are so happy God gave us you!

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