Tuesday, August 20, 2013


In this world of adoption, there are tons of acronyms for some pretty important milestones in your journey.  I’ve somehow managed to learn them all and am getting so delirious from all the numbers and letters floating around in my head that I’m also making up a few.  :) 

That’s where the DTB comes in.

The next huge milestone for us will be DTC…which means Dossier to China.  {FYI…the dossier is THE packet of your entire life that goes to China that makes you eligible to adopt and logs you in to their system.}

Since we are so close to receiving one last immigration form we need to complete our dossier, I was informed that I could go ahead and send everything else to our agency.  Apparently, they will get a copy of that form, too.  I wanted to make sure that everything else was already at our agency and ready to go before that form comes in!  My daughter will not wait one more day in an orphanage if it’s up to me…no dragging my feet here!

So…although we aren’t quite DTC yet…we are DTB {Dossier to Birmingham} as of Friday afternoon! 

We are celebrating being one step closer to finding our baby girl!!!   God is so good and has provided over and above anything we could ask for already…paving the way for us to our Andie-Grace.  I just can’t wait until we can look back and see how He has moved on her behalf, too…bringing her to us in His always perfect timing.  :)

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*The boys always love a trip to the post office…free suckers! :) 

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