Thursday, August 22, 2013

{Back to School}

This year Wyatt had 2 first days of school.  Monday was our official first day with our home school and then Tuesday was his first day at Arrows Academy!

We have homeschooled for 4 years now and love it!  Last year, I also learned about a supplemental program, Arrows Academy,  that meets at a local church for homeschoolers twice a week and quickly wanted to know more.  So, last winter we went to visit on an open house day.  I loved that each day begins in prayer and worship time {and I mean good worship songs that my boys know and love!}.  Then, the kids break into their classes by grade and have creative writing, history, science labs, literature, Bible and art.  Because it’s such an incredible resource, their registration fills up very quickly.  Unfortunately, Wyatt did not get in when registration first opened last spring and was put on the waiting list.  BUT, in God’s perfect timing, I received a call in July letting me know that a spot had opened and Wyatt could go! 

{As a side note, I acted like a bit of a nut case in tears on the phone over him getting in.   I had been so torn over this school year and wanted something else supplemental for him but the Lord was not giving me peace on anything else except this…which was not an option for us the day before when I just lost it with Scott as we were discussing it.  The Lord always provides!  Wouldn’t it be nice if we could just get a glimpse sometimes though!?!? ;) }

So, we had a GREAT day here on Monday and then Wyatt had another awesome first day on Tuesday!  Of course, the first thing he said when I picked him up was “They have recess, Mom!  I made up a Ninja Warrior course that Luke (his friend) and I are going to do tomorrow! ” :)  He also went about most of the afternoon singing  “Whom Shall I Fear" {aka God of Angel Armies}.  He loved that sweet morning worship time!  Thankfully, in a couple weeks Luke and I can join him for it!

Here’s to another beautiful year with my two boys at the school table…and hoping to add another little one to the table by the end of it!!!

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