Thursday, November 10, 2011

A few things…

It’s just one of those days where I can’t seem to put together one coherent thought.  Please tell me this happens to you, too???  But I wanted to document a few things.  So, here’s the run down in absolutely no particular order whatsoever. 

~My hubby’s birthday is today!  So, we’ll celebrate with dinner tonight with the boys and then a hot date (only the two of us) tomorrow night.  He is the most selfless man I know and never ever asks for anything for himself… except for the other day.  He emailed me a picture of some shoes for church that he’d like to get.  We’ve been married over 9 years and together over 11 and this is the first time that’s ever happened.  So, tomorrow we’ll also make time to shop for my love some shoes.  He deserves far more than church shoes, too…just for the record. :)

~My house is decorated for Christmas.  Yes, five trees are up and lit, the decor has been switched out for Jesus’ birthday, and this has never happened before this early.  I still have the outside of the house to go but inside we are all Christmasy!  Aside from Easter,  I have nothing to be more thankful for than Jesus’ birth.  So, we bit the bullet a little early this year and are loving it! 

~Luke is talking more and more.  No one but us can understand a lick of it either.  He’s a little turkey and makes me smile more than anything in this world.  He brings light every single day to our grieving hearts and somehow makes it seem a little easier sometimes.

~Wyatt is hitting home runs like there’s no tomorrow this season in fall ball.  I think he’s hit 7 so far with one game left to go.  I see a long, long lifetime spent at the ballfield in our future. :)

~The Annabelle Baskets are going just as strong as ever.  We did some fun Halloween themed baskets and I just finished our Thanksgiving batch this week that will be delivered early next week.  I’ve got gobs of adorable Christmas goodies for them that I can’t wait to get to work on soon!  God has blessed her sweet little legacy in absolutely awesome ways that we never ever imagined!  I am still overwhelmed with emails from new heart families wanting to say thanks for what their basket means to their family.  One precious momma is even framing the little blanket that was in her daughter’s…because it was the first thing she saw when she went to see her baby girl right after open heart surgery.  The blanket was covering her little body and holding her daughter when she couldn’t.  God is good…even in the deepest valleys, friends.

~I have been photographing more and more and more!  God is continually providing families and children along this new journey.  I am up to my eyeballs in editing right now and it feels so good.  I truly love photography and have a passion to capture these fleeting moments forever.  

~I have been running my tail off lately trying to finally get off the extra pounds that have hung around between having two babies 17 months apart and not watching my diet.   Four days during the week, I push Luke in the stroller while Wyatt rides his bike beside us for a few miles.  I am somehow thinking that that makes me able to run a 5K…cause I just signed up for one.  It’s two days before Turkey Day so that’ll help me not feel so guilty with all the goodness I am going to eat at my Aunt’s house, right?

~I just glanced over at my desk trying to decide if that is all I am going to share today…and there is a picture of Annabelle smiling in a frame staring right back at me with a picture of Lindsay right beside her.  I think I just got a glimpse of Heaven…


The Hardy Family said...

You are truly blessed, friend!! God is good!

Mimi said...

Just checking in :-) My Sam used the rattle we got from the Annabelle basket for Mia. It is still in his room. It's pink... but he loves it :-)

I loved that you are ready for Christmas... can you come do my house?