Sunday, November 27, 2011

Little Visitor

During our second attempt at taking a Christmas card picture of the boys today, we had a little visitor.  I have been amazed year after year of just when our sweet little gifts of grace show up…regardless of the weather or time of year that they are “supposed” to be out and about.  Since it was incredibly close to nap time (I tend to do a horrible job of planning these mini sessions with my own children, by the way), we just stepped out onto the front yard for a few clicks.  I was in between tears and laughter within 30 seconds…a beautiful little yellow butterfly appeared from just behind the shrub I was using as my backdrop.  Of course, it fluttered all around the boys the entire time…almost landing on Wyatt’s head and fluttering just beside Luke’s ear.   Just as we were finishing,  it fluttered off with another identical twin…God only knows where that one came from, too! :)

Here are a couple of outtakes…see if you can spot it!  It’s a little difficult to see clearly as I was center focused. (I apologize for not editing these in advance.  I am too impatient and just had to post this!)

IMG_9781 IMG_9783

The first one is beside the black arm of the bench in the background over Wyatt’s shoulder.  In the second picture, it’s fluttering towards the sky.  God’s perfect timing?  I think so! 


Shannon said...

Perfect! :)

I sure hope that little butterfly made it into the final cut! LOVE!!

Laura said...

That is so precious and just perfect! I also love Luke's jon-jon! :)