Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Our Dynamic Duo- Halloween 2011

Since Wyatt has a history of choosing for his character to be slaying his baby brother’s character, I told him that this year he couldn’t kill whatever the Bear was going to be.  (2009…Knight & Dragon, 2010…Hunter & Deer)  I thought that was a pretty good rule to follow.  Wyatt started thinking of duo’s right away and this is what he decided on…

IMG_4149 IMG_4160 IMG_4171 IMG_4180 IMG_4189I thought his choice couldn’t be more fitting for our little dynamic duo…Batman & his little sidekick, Robin! 

Luke really got into it this year and even said “ti-teet” a few times!  He got really good at saying “mo tay-tay” though! (Translation: ti-teet is treat or treat & mo tay-tay is more candy) :) 

IMG_4193 IMG_4201 IMG_4228

Like the “Ho Ho” jammie pants sticking out?   I am seriously considering putting the tree(s) up this week…or at least starting!  Decorating for Christmas somehow makes the cold a little less miserable.  (And, yes, it is cold! In my humble, southern opinion, anything that requires a jacket or for us to dress in layers is cold. It’s just what you’re used to, I guess.)


We took a few photos in the yard just before we left and, as always, the “tra-tra” had to be jumped on before we ever make it to the truck! 

The boys had so much fun and I can only imagine what Luke will be like next year.  Wyatt was the polar opposite at this age and wouldn’t even hardly wear a costume and had nothing to do with it until he got older.  Luke, on the other hand, went right up to the scariest house complete with black strobe lights, a witch and a scary man laugh…and put his little hand right into their candy bowl and wanted to play with their “pup-pup”.  Totally, completely unfazed.  He carried his pumpkin full of candy dragging the ground and thought he had hit the jackpot all night long.  I’ve never been much of a Halloween person but Luke just might make me into one.  That little bringer of Light keeps us going…especially when he’s always trying to keep up with his big Bubba!


Sarah Leech said...

i LOVE their costumes!!! awesome duo!!

Katie said...

So dang cute! Love their costumes & those cute boys of yours!!!

Danielle @ Living Out Loud said...

They look perfect! I just love that Luke loves to pair up with his little brother (makes me wish Noah had a little brother!). Your pictures are SO GOOD!!! I wish I could get better pictures... I just haven't had the time to figure it out yet. But you are so good at capturing the moments!

Dena said...

perfect dynamic duo!!