Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Throwing Kisses

For over three and a half years now, every single time we’ve left Annabelle’s special place Wyatt has thrown her kisses.  He has always stood back a few feet, gotten in his trained pitching position, occasionally spit to the side with that serious game face, wound up strong and pitched his baby sister the hardest fastball kiss his little arms can throw directly towards her stone where her precious little body rests behind it.  We always finish with a prayer thanking God for loving her best and for the precious gift she was and still is to us…and, most importantly, that He gave us. 

A couple of weeks ago, that routine changed. 

First, much to my dismay and then very much to my heart’s perfect delight.

We changed out her hairbow, updated her fall flowers, swept off all around her little spot well and did our usual housekeeping.  Then, I told the boys to give Belle their kisses.  Luke always kisses her angel statue and then her stone…in that order.  He did the same that day as expected.

This time, though, Wyatt told me “no”.

I asked him why he didn’t want to and just before my heart broke in two, he answered “because she’s not in there”.

He then proceeded to stand back, wind up and sling that fastball kiss straight towards the clouds. 

The prayer that I prayed with the boys changed a little that day.  I still gave thanks for my baby girl but was overflowing with thanksgiving for all He is teaching the two I have still with me… the life lessons learned best and hardest through death and the eternal Hope found only in Christ that my boys are learning as a result.


Kacy said...

Oh Rebecca, that is amazing.

Love you, Kerri

Evie's Story said...

Oh precious friend.....those sweet boys have such tender hearts. And Wyatt wisdom beyond his years. Moved to tears again this morning.

Mike & Malynda said...

Such a great big brother! Brought tears to my eyes!