Sunday, October 09, 2011

Sunday, Sunday

I think my all time favorite part of the week is the late afternoon hours of Sunday.  The first part of the day is spent in church and after we have refueled and refreshed our spirits & our tummies (y’all know Sunday eatin’ is good stuff!), we love to just hang out at home and play outside together. 

After we met some new, dear heart friends that willingly offered to deliver Annabelle Baskets to MUSC for us this week & joined Scott’s family for a fun birthday party, we spent the later hours of the afternoon doing this…

Wyatt is the sweetest, most tender-hearted  boy I know, but when it comes to football he sure can make a game face!

IMG_1003 IMG_1097 IMG_1136 IMG_1153 IMG_1168 IMG_1171 IMG_1174

So much fun the spit drools right out of Luke’s mouth! :)  There was also a bullfrog retrieval from the pool incident but I can’t stand looking at the sucker more than 20 seconds on the computer to upload it’s picture!  Here’s to another great start to another great week!

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