Friday, October 14, 2011

It’s the Great Pumpkin!

Yesterday, we spent the better part of the day doing all things pumpkin…

First, we wrapped up our school day painting mini pumpkins.  One for each boy.  They are still drying this morning, by the way! :)  The boys did mix the blue, green and white quite nicely.  Wyatt informed my daddy last night at dinner that his turned out to be “agua” blue (must be a new shade, it looks aqua to me).  I love, love those little Wyatt-isms!  He says some of the funniest stuff!

After Little Bear went down for a nap, Wyatt and I got busy!


He insisted on doing it himself…with a little help here and there from me.  But, mostly I just instructed him and he did it very well!


I think this was the first time he saw the guts of a pumpkin.  And he did not like it at all! ;)

IMG_1221 IMG_1225 IMG_1232


So proud of his finished product!  He also had to carve a “W” out on the back of his pumpkin so everyone would know it is his.  Or, mainly so his little brother wouldn’t be able to lay any claim to it whatsoever!


Our last pumpkin fun for the day began like this…

IMG_1246 IMG_1248

We got our hands all messy with orange pulp & picked out every single pumpkin seed!  Then, I laid them out on an old cookie sheet in the sun for several hours to dry. (It did occur to me that my deck may be full of crows at one point so I made sure to use an old cookie sheet just in case!)


I melted 4 tablespoons of butter…stirred in a couple teaspoons of worstershire sauce & some seasoned salt.  Mix it all together with the seeds.  Bake for about 25 minutes at 300 degrees & yummy!!!!


Good thing we have two more pumpkins left to carve!  Luke is downing these things like candy! 


I truly am a summer girl at heart but this kind of day gets me more into the fall spirit! Perhaps, we’ll do it again tomorrow!


Amy said...

Fun! I love Fall!

The Hardy Family said...

Wow, that is an awesome jack-o-lantern, Wyatt!! Way to go!!!