Friday, April 02, 2010

Sunday’s Coming…

I love Easter Sunday! I love the girls in their new Easter dresses and white gloves, the guys in their seersucker best and all else that Easter Sunday entails. I have some of the best childhood memories of Easter basket goodies that always included my favorite candy of all, Peeps! (Barely beat out by those conversation hearts, of course!) We take flowers to church to place on the cross & are sure to get a family photo each year to add to our scrapbooks. Wyatt’s newest favorite Easter tradition is the Egg Hunt at Grandaddy’s…he loads his eggs with a little more than candy and Wyatt is old enough to know that when the egg rattles, it’s a good sign…even better when it makes no noise at all! My eggs have nothing on his! Easter was the only holiday that we had Annabelle home for…quite appropriate, I think. She shared in the Egg Hunt on Sunday afternoon and got to wear her first smocked dress and monogrammed fancy pants that precious day. This year, the boys blue and white gingham coordinating outfits are all laid out. Wyatt’s shoes are polished and Luke’s bare feet ready to shine! I’ve finally got their Easter baskets matching…embroidered names and all! We are looking forward to making more sweet memories…

But, I can’t get to Sunday just yet. I must first remember the reason that we celebrate Easter Sunday to begin with…it was all about what happened on Friday.

Scott and I watch The Passion every Easter weekend together to focus our minds and our hearts on HIM…the only, true reason we have HOPE.

I watched this video last year and wanted to share it with you today….on this Good Friday…it reminds us that, Praise Jesus, Sunday’s Coming!

Happy Easter, friends!