Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Happy 1st Birthday, Sweetest Babydoll...


Becky said...

I remembered when I awoke this morning that it is Annabelle's birthday. I want you to know that I prayed for you, Rebecca.
After I got your email, I realized our son's first house in SC was in Taylors, actually right around the corner from Hampton Heights BC.
Thinking of you today and thankful for the ministry you do in Annabelle's name.

Jess said...

Beautiful! Thinking of you today!

Anonymous said...

Lots of love and hugs! All of you are in my thoughts today! XOXO

Sae Sae said...


You are in our thoughts and prayers on this very special day. You continue to be an inspiration to our family and we will always be grateful to you for allowing us to know Annabelle! We know she is so proud of you!

The Halls
Elizabeth, Dean and Sara Preston

Anonymous said...

May the Lord wrap his loving and comforting arms around you today....I am thinking and praying for you and your family today.


Elizabeth Green

The Chavis Family said...

Happy Birthday Annabelle!

The Hardy Family said...

Happy Birthday Annabelle! I am thinking about you all and praying for you today! What a little blessing Annabelle is!

Becky said...

Happy Birthday Annabelle. She is so beautiful. I am thinking about you and your family today.

Tommy, Erica, Addie Kate, and Andrew said...

I just want you to know that I've sent a special prayer to heaven for your baby girl today. I hope to get home and make some pink cupcakes with my girl, just for Annabelle. Thinking of you today and wishing you peace.

Amanda-The Family News! said...

Happy 1st Birthday Annabelle!!

Rebecca - those are THE sweetest pictures! Annabelle is so beautiful!!! The pictures of her and Wyatt together just melt my heart. I still LOVE the one of him with her in the background looking at him. I think she just has the sweetest look on her face.
I will always think of Annabelle on this special day that she shares with Lauren- I will think of her today and 100 years from now...
You all truly hold a special place in my heart!
Love you!

Amanda-The Family News! said...

Oh and no I did not make the cakes - those came from Publix - they did a really good job!!!
Love you!

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful tribute. Happy Birthday Sweet Annabelle!

Aimee Gillespie

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday sweet Annabelle! Praying for your entire family today and always!
Rebecca Patterson

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Annabelle!!

We are praying for you guys today. Please feel free to call me if you want. I thought you would want to know that the girls woke up this morning demanding their bows. Something the have never done before. I know they are thinking of Annabelle today too.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Sweet Annabelle. I have followed your blog since sweet Annabelle left and I just think she was so beautiful. As is your testimony of families being together again. I hope Annabelle's sweet spirit can be felt close by today. Peace be with you always!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Sweet Annabelle!
Praying for the entire family on this memorable Wednesday.

Brandie in KY

Our Family said...

Happy Birthday to your beautiful angel. I am sure she is having a blast up in with Jesus and all of her heart friends. I will ask Luke to give her special hugs from our family. I wonder what they are doing right now. Rebecca, you know I have been thinking about you all week...I know this is a difficult day for you guys. I will be calling you later and me and the kids are making a cake for Annabelle. I will send pics. Not sure if we will get out to do balloons as Memphis seems shut down today due to ice and snow. Anyway, just know that I have been thinking about the Butchers today as always. Take care of yourself and take it easy today.
Love you friend,

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday beautiful baby girl! I am crying after watching the beautiful video that shows her beauty and yours...
Annabelle is so loved. We have two daughters in Heaven and I asked them to go celebrate in the girliest way possible today and to join the angels in singing Happy birthday to your sweet babydoll.
Much love,

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday my sweet niece! I love you and miss you with all my heart. I know that you are having the best birthday party and I'm sure my mom is having so much fun with you today...I can see yall now, laughing and playing! I went and saw your special place on Sunday with your mom, dad and big brother and I was at peace. I know that you are no longer in pain and that you are in HEAVEN where you can run around and have a wonderful time. I wish you were here, but I know I will see you again and I will hold you and love you so much. Happy Birthday Annabelle....I love you...Aunt JC

katherine said...

celebrating with you today the gift of this little girls life.
Happy BIrthday Annabelle!

Anonymous said...

Our thoughts & prayers are with all of you today...Happy 1st Birthday Annabelle!!

Lindsay Dean said...

This is the last thing on my mind when I went to bed last night and the first thing when I awoke this morning. Loved, Loved the slide show and of course, it made me cry. I'm sure it did everyone else too! Annabelle is imprinted in my heart FOREVER and I'm sure her birthday celebration in heaven is glorious! Now I REALLY wish I could give you a great big hug today!! Love you friends~
Suzie and Lindsay

Lindsay Dean said...

Cole wanted me to make a seperate one for him......
Happy Birthday Annabelle!

He helped with the cupcakes and was so excited to do it. I will be releasing balloons in the snowstorm today! ha ha
Happy Birthday to our special Sweet Heart!
Love, Suzie and Cole :-)

Anonymous said...

Rebecca & Scott,
Happy Birthday sweet Annabelle! May this day fill you with the joy of her spirit! Love, Gretchen

Katie said...

Happy Birthday, sweet angel heart aches for your mommy today yet rejoices that you are in Heaven, spending this special day in Jesus' arms. You have touched my life forever as has your mama and the wonderful way she's celebrated your life. Rebecca, you all are amazing and I'm so glad that the blog world brought us together. We will be celebrating Annabelle's 1st while sending much love, prayers and heart hugs today from Washington!
Love you,
Katie & family

Anonymous said...

Thinking of you all today! Love and prayers... Happy Birthday Annabelle.


Amy said...

I stumbled upon your blog thru MckMama's Blog Frog and I just wanted to say that I have said a prayer for you and your family. Annabelle is precious and my heart is breaking she isn't with her family today. Thank you for sharing her with us, she is beautiful. I am also encouraged by your strength. Thank you again.

The Ridgway Family said...

I loved the slideshow Rebecca. I have been thinking of you all week leading up to this day. Thank you once again for your strength and grace in facing these most difficult days. I only hope I will be as strong as you next month. We will be baking later this afternoon and I will be sure to send photos.

Love, Keisa

Kacy said...

Rebecca, I have been thinking of you and your sweet angel from the moment I woke this morning.

Happy Birthday, sweet Annabelle.

Love to you always,

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Annabelle! I hope you all have a special day! Thinking of you!!!! Love, Caroline & Chuck

KC said...

Thinking of you all today and sweet sweet baby Annabelle!

The Paulks

Dee said...

Prayers are with you today. I heard about Annabelle from Sara Wallace (PH) last year and have followed your journey. Your heart for CHD babies is amazing and your tribute you Annabelle - PRECIOUS! I can only imagine how hard today must be. Hugs and prayers lifted for you and your family!

Heart Hugs -

jan tompkins said...

Happy Birthday to Annabelle!
We just finished our cake and cupcakes and let the balloons fly into the heavens. Will send pics for you.

God Loves You All!

Ann, Hannah and Jan Tompkins
Charleston, SC

Anonymous said...

What a very special day! Happy 1st Birthday Miss Annabelle! What a beautiful tribute, Rebecca. Annabelle's pictures have always taken my breath away, her eyes especially. What a beautiful, beautiful child in body, soul and spirit.

We are thinking of you all today and will be releasing some balloons and making pretty little heart cakes and cupcakes! The girls are so excited! I can't wait to share the pictures with you!

Much love, always ... Shannon

The Simmons Family said...

Happy Birthday Angel Annabelle... we are thinking about your family on your special birthday!

Rebecca.. we had the same thought. I made Owen's video through and also had the same song ready to post today :). Come on over and check it out.

Annabelle's photos just melt my heart!!


Anonymous said...

Thinking of you and your family on this special day. What a precious slide show of a very beautiful girl. We love you so much! Big hugs to you all!
Karen, Nathan, Sarah, JC and Emma

RHONDA said...


~Sara~ said...

Happy Birthday Annabelle! Your life and legacy are such an inspiration to me.

Rebecca, Scott, and Wyatt, my heart aches for you today, but I know that God will give you His sweet peace. We're praying for you all.

Heart hugs and love,

Sara, Tim, Kaeleigh, Avery, & Kaden

Abbie said...

I am thinking about you all and praying for you today! Annabelle and your ministry are a blessing!

Abbie (MOPS last year)

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Annabelle!
Rebecca, Scott, and Wyatt,
My heart aches and rejoices with you all today. Such mixed feelings overcome me as I think about our beautiful girls celebrating Annabelle's Birthday in heaven. Davin and I sang Happy Birthday to Annabelle this afternoon in the rain and we released balloons for Annabelle and Bella. Davin was so sweet he picked a CareBear birthday balloon for Annabelle and an "I Love You" one for Bella. I will send pictures to you soon. Our prayers are with you this day.

The Pattersons
Kim, James, and Davin

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Annabelle! We are celebrating your life and legacy today as always!

Rebecca, Scott, and Wyatt,
May God be wrapping His intense love and peace around you. We have been in prayer for you all day. Elijah LOVED making cupcakes to celebrate precious Annabelle. I'm sure it will be a yearly celebration as she has touched our lives so deeply. Much love and prayers to you all!

Abbie, Shannon, and Elijah Marsh

Anonymous said...

Sweet Annabelle and her family was the first in my prayers today. Happy birthday in Heaven angel! I know that God has been with you all today. He is very proud of her and her family!

Kelly Potter

Anonymous said...

Thinking of you today! Happy Birthday Annabelle!
~Sandra Tracy

Jessica said...

What a beautiful slide show. Thinking about Annabelle today and keeping you all in our prayers! Happy Birthday, Annabelle!

Miller Family said...

The boys and I prayed for you and your family today when we got ready for school. My heart just aches for you having to experience such pain. The precious video you made has brought many tears to my eyes. Just know we are thinking of you and sending big hugs your way! What a special tribute to your beautiful little Annabelle!! The boys say to tell Wyatt hi and what a great big brother he was for Annabelle.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Annabelle! I thought of you and your family often today while I was at work in the PCICU. You and your parents touched my heart forever! I loved looking at the slideshow of ALL your beautiful pictures! You didn't take a bad one! :)


Sarah May Leech

The Mason Family said...

Happy 1st Birthday Annabelle! I hope that you are enjoying your special day in Heaven sitting in Jesus' arms, surrounded by all your Angel friends.

Rebecca...thank you so much for sharing such a wonderful video, the pictures are beautiful! Your faith is inspiring and I am so glad that our precious girls brought us together. Thinking of you today and everyday my friend...

Anonymous said...

I love and miss you guys. Sweet Annabelle made a big impact in her 2 months. I know today is hard and I am thinking about you all!

Love, Laura Haley

Melissa said...

Happy Birthday Annabelle!! Your family has been in my thoughts and prayers all day.

Angela said...

My husband and I are sitting here both crying as we watched that video. Smiling at her sweet, precious smiles and crying at the enormity of her passing.

I am just heartbroken for you, and I pray that you will have comfort.

Anonymous said...

Rebecca, Scott and Wyatt,

We were thinking of you on Wednesday. We had cupcakes just for here and Alex and Katie sang Happy Birthday to Annabelle.

I was praying for you Wednesday and hope a ray of Sunshine peaked through the clouds for you.


Leigh Ann Gandy

Brandy said...

Absolutely beautiful!

Laura said...

I just wanted to let you know that we think of Annabelle and your family every day. She will always be special to us.

Lee, Laura, Caleb, and Graysen

Kristine said...

Hi Rebecca - I just found your site this evening and read ever post! Thank you for the lovely site and for sharing your beautiful daughter.

My daughter Katie, who is now 13 months, almost lost her life to Bacterial Meningitis at 18 days old. We are VERY, VERY blessed to have her here today. We are faced with some serious long term concerns, but right now she is doing so well.

I've wanted to do something for other babies at our children's hospital for a while now and you've inspired me with Annabelle's Baskets. I was wondering if you could give me some advice in starting the baskets from your experience so far.

My email address is Our blog is if you'd like to read Katie's story or find out more about us.

If you could help me with some pointers to get me started that would be fantastic!

Praying for your family!